Anonymous asked:
What kind of girls do you think usually have nose hoops? Just wondering what the stereotype is for that... Xo


The kind of girls that have nose hoops are simply the kind of girls that want nose hoops. Society is the one stereotyping them. It’s not as if only “punks”, “hipsters”, art majors, tattoo artists, piercers, or rock stars have them. I’ve seen librarians with them, an Ivy league student, and as made evident by this blog alone, plenty of high schoolers. Throw in the originals— Indian people (from India, not Native Americans), and you see how you can’t accurately paint such a broad stroke on all those people.

If we were also talking nose studs, you could throw in a few doctors and nurses for sure. While working in the medical field doing clerical work, I had a female supervisor that had a nose stud.

So… you can’t and shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Any kind of girl can have a nose piercing.







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